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Welcome to is the number one resource for competitive anglers who are looking to show what they're made of. Sportsmen can document every catch, keep track of points, compare their totals with others, and communicate with other anglers. If you haven't done so already, create your new account to get started. Once you have an account you'll be able to submit your new catches, view the database, blog at the LunkerBlogger, and more!

What's New

NEW :: 5/17/10 :: I've posted a proposal for changes to the points scoring process - check it out here and let everyone know what you think.

NEW :: 5/14/10 :: Fishing opener is tomorrow, and the database is cleared out and ready to go...

5/23/09 :: The database has been cleared out and we're ready for a new season of logging those lunkers!

6/5/08 :: The catch entry process has been changed for 2008 - anglers are now required to log only the species, length, lure, and date. The weight of the fish will be automatically estimated based on the length.

6/5/08 :: The explanation of the point scoring process has been updated. If you'd like to propose changes to the process for 2008, let's talk about it now before we log too many fish...